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Our beer known as Delftsche Bril has a history that goes much further than you would initially expect. (Bril means glasses)

Many of us think that the name Delftsche Bril comes from cousin Rob because of the striking and unmissable glasses he wears.

If we look at the image on the label this is absolutely the case, but if we look at the name it has a different origin.


In 1515 Adriaen Claesz was the brewer of brewery "De Bril" or "Den Brille" in old Dutch.

At that time this brewery was located on the ground where now there is a house at the Koornmarkt 42 in Delft. The reason that most breweries were located at the waterfront had to do with the easy transport through the canals. De Bril was one of the 200 breweries in Delft at the time. At that time it was not possible to drink water which was too polluted and wine, coffee and tea only came some 40 years later, and were initially only for the elite.

The company did business with many tappers, innkeepers, dignitaries and beer wholesalers in surrounding cities. We felt we had to incorporate a piece of Delft history into our contemporary cereal nectar.

The special thing about our special Delftsche Bril beer is that it is a beer with a high fermentation and is brewed with love according to an old tradition.

Different traditionally malted grains provide the body and tough dark color. of this dark blond beer.

The taste is formed by the interplay of malts, hops, yeast and special spices.

The yeast we use is a Belgian abbey yeast, which gives a rich fruity and fresh aroma. Caraway and Coriander complete the whole.


Enjoy this beer at a temperature of 7 degrees. Leave the bottle upright for at least 4 hours in advance and open the cap with love and tranquillity.

Now pour the beer slowly into a large cup and leave the last part in the bottle. This beer is a beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. This allows you to occasionally see a cloudiness in the beer or a small flake of yeast. That is a characteristic of this beer.

Enjoy this special accessible beer with a historical name in peace and quiet.


Enjoy it!


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